Referring patients to our service

Considering referring a patient to our service?

  • Have you discussed their diagnosis with them (if they have one?) and explanation of long term pain? This video may help...
  • Is your patient over the age of 18?  
  • Have all necessary investigations/surgery been completed?
  • Does the patient understand that our service is not a diagnostic service or where we do further investigations?
  • Have they completed further specialist appointments for the pain?
  • Has had medication reviewed. You can find documents with medication charts at these links. Medication to Manage Long Term Pain, and Management of Nerve Type Pain


The referral process

  1. Refer to above checklist
  2. Give patients the Patient Information Leaflet 
  3. Ask the patient if they would like to be referred
  4. New referral form available to complete on e-referrals. You can also refer by letter.