One-to-One appointment with a specialist

What does this involve?

  • Meeting member of the team to understand your needs
  • Looking at the information you have brought with you.
  • Further appointments to find ways to improve your quality of life despite your persistent pain.
  • Support to manage your pain.

When is this appropriate?

  • When you have spoken with your GP and have completed all tests as appropriate.
  • When you are thinking about how to move forward in life despite your pain.

What do I need to consider?

  • Do I have transport to get the places where we hold appointments?
  • Am I committed to making a plan of action to achieve the things that are important to me?
  • Am I prepared to work on my plan between sessions?

How many sessions does this involve?

  • This can vary; you and your clinician will decide between you how many sessions are appropriate.