Psychology Services

What does this involve?

  • Meeting with a clinical psychologist who is a member of the pain team.
  • Being willing to talk about the impact of pain and other aspects of your life during an assessment process.
  • Assessment appointment/s.
  • Deciding with the psychologist whether you go on to work together

When is this appropriate?

  • After one to one meetings with a pain specialist and discussions about other things in my life that really impact on my pain.
  • When you have completed any specialist appointments/investigations or seeking other treatment for pain.
  • If you have are working with any other members of a mental health team/counsellors this option would not be appropriate right now.

What do I need to consider?

  • Am I ready to talk to the psychologist knowing that often people get upset during the assessment?
  • Am I willing to commit to regular attendance?
  • Might I be better supported by other services for example, alcohol/drug services, community mental health teams, and local counselling services?

How many sessions does this involve?

  • There are usually 3 assessment meetings.
  • If you go on to work with the psychologist you may meet between 12-16 times.