Stress and anxiety

Stress affects everyone but we know that if you have ongoing pain, stress can make your pain feel worse. So learning how to manage stress is helpful.

Stress cannot be avoided entirely. A certain amount is good for you. It provides you with the energy that motivates you to attempt challenges and to make changes in your daily life. It can focus your attention and spur you into action. However, too much stress is a bad thing. It can affect the way we think, act and behave. Too much stress can prevent us from dealing with long-term pain effectively, and can in fact make pain worse.

Thankfully, there are solutions to this. This factsheet is designed to help you come up with your own solutions to problems with stress. If you want more information, then go to the ‘Get More Information’ section of the patient online platform, if you’re registered with the pain service. This website is accessible at If you’re not registered, there is more information at the same website under the ‘Get information/resources’ section.